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Events & Fairs

International Conference on Gears

Munich, Garching, Germany

18. September - 20. September 2019

The International Conference on Gears in Germany is a broad platform for equipment manufacturers, producers and researchers of gear as well as transmission systems to present new solutions and their latest research results.
Supported by national and international associations, the conference brings together over 600 leading experts from the international gear and transmission industry.

We are pleased to present four papers at the International Conference on Gears 2019: Under the topic "High Performance Plastic Gears" we compare the strength evaluation of plastic gears, in the vision to create a new international standard. A second paper discusses the layout of profile modifications for symmetric and asymmetric plastic gears. Under the manufacturing topic, we are represented with a lecture on the inclusion of manufacturing decisions in the gear design process. And our fourth presentation deals with the derivation of tooth stiffness of asymmetric gears based on loaded tooth contact analysis.

We are looking forward to your visit at our booth 3!

Booth: 3

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